Corey Graves comments on the state of WWE television
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 03/26/2020 at 10:56 AM

During his recent After The Bell podcast, Corey Graves commented on the state of WWE television:

“Friday Night Smackdown, Monday Night Raw and NXT are all rolling along sans fans. It’s given a really unique perspective to our shows. I’ve been sitting on my couch watching most of it. Or wherever I’ve been able to get eyes on it, and obviously the absence of fans is a glaring difference to anybody who’s ever watched WWE before. And I’d say there’s good parts and bad parts.”

“I will start with the positive. That being the promos have been incredible. Hearing the Superstars able to get through these promos and tell their stories; and really delve into their characters has been really refreshing. And having spoken in front of a live arena full of people? It can throw you off. It’s nice to really see these guys like a Seth Rollins or Randy Orton or Edge really just be able to dive in and tell the story from their character’s perspective. Without any sort of outside influence. Without fans chanting ‘WHAT’ or booing too long. Or cheering too long. And I just really liked the dynamic that is provided for that particular aspect of the show.”

“If nothing else has been proven in this wild time in our world it is that the WWE Universe, you fans are the biggest part of our shows in our opinion. Obviously, the Superstars are working very hard to give fans the best experience, but as a viewer from home, but man you take away that element of having a live, rocking crowd it doesn’t feel right.”

“Obviously, in time, everything will be remedied and back to normal.”

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