Backstage details on WWE keeping people safe at RAW
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 03/21/2020 at 02:25 PM

During his recent podcast, Jerry Lawler talked about the experience of doing commentary on WWE RAW in an empty Performance Center:

“When I got there to the arena it was almost like a Fort Knox situation,” Lawler said. “They had everything closed down. There were security guards that met you there out in the parking lot. They came up in an Uber in the parking lot and they escorted me up to the front door. I didn’t get there until probably about 2:30 or something in the afternoon. Of course, everybody had already been there before me and so anyway, they stuck a thing in your ear to take your temperature and mine was 98.6. I went inside and the whole place had been refurbished or whatever for that particular situation to where you would have wrestlers and all the camera crew people [for the show].”

He continued, “They sort of had it where everyone was kind of kept apart away from each other. I never even went to catering. I just kind of hung out in talent relations and then of course, we went around and did some rehearsals…I talked to Mark The Undertaker and I talked to Steve Austin a lot and to Vince. I was sort of surprised that Vince was there but Vince was there. It was like a regular Monday Night Raw. They had people just go through the motions…”

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