Why Asuka was doing commentary during RAW
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 03/21/2020 at 02:23 PM

During his recent podcast, Jerry Lawler talked about the experience of doing commentary on WWE RAW in an empty Performance Center:

“They put Asuka out there to help with the commentary and to try to help make some noise and keep things as loud as possible during the match where it wouldn’t be silence so that helped a lot. It’s a tough go and I felt sorry for Rey and Andrade and Zelina but they still did great.”

“If you look online and the internet, she was the hit of the show. Everybody seemed to love Asuka on commentary. I could imagine sitting and doing just a little sit-down interview with her. It would have to be that the people would think I knew what she was saying and of course, I would just interpret it into a whole hilarious and funny or scathing interview or promo about somebody else and putting it into my words. Actually, everybody would know I had no clue what Asuka was really saying. You could do some funny stuff with that. Except the Japanese audience would know that I was an idiot out there.”

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