Daniel Bryan comments on his wardrobe malfunction
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 03/19/2020 at 01:16 PM

During an appearance on the Bella Twins' podcast, Daniel Bryan commented on his wardrobe malfunction at WWE Elimination Chamber:

“So I didn’t find out about it because nobody backstage when I came to the back actually, ah — mostly, people were either saying ‘Whoa, oh man that was great!’ or they were concerned for my neck. Like, several people [were] very mad at me, concerned about my neck. [laughs] And so not a single person mentioned it. I went to sleep [that] night not even knowing that it was a thing. I didn’t feel anything, and you’d think because that’s a sensitive area, you’d think you’d feel a breeze or something like that, you know? But [that] night it wasn’t even a thing.”

“It wasn’t a thing [next] morning until I landed, and I got two text messages from friends. And all my friends know, I’m the worst texter. I never get back or anything like that. So people stop sending you text messages. So that meant when I got two text messages from people saying, ‘Dude, I saw your balls!’ [laughs] I was like, ‘What?’ I didn’t know what was going on.”

“So your first reaction is a little bit of embarrassment. But then I just thought it was funny. Because for example, if your boobs come out … And then all these guys — I don’t want to say all these guys, but traditionally men — are like, ‘Boobs, yay!’ I didn’t see when I looked on social media, nobody said, ‘Balls, yay!’ [laughs]”

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