Ruby Riott opens up about anxiety and depression
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 02/09/2020 at 04:49 PM

In an interview with WWE, Ruby Riott spoke out about her return to the ring from injury:

"I had double shoulder surgery, two torn labrums that they told me were 10 years old," Ruby said. "So basically, I had them ever since I started training, so I've never known what it's like to wrestle with good shoulders. I have all range of motion that I was very limited with for a very long time. And I put it off for years and years and years and years because I didn't want to step away. I think, one because I loved it, but two because I knew that on the other side of that, there was going to be some things I had to come face to face but, now I feel great. When you step away from this, especially because this lifestyle is so fast-paced, it's go, go, go, go on to the next thing, on to the next thing. I used wrestling, even though I loved it like I loved it from the moment that I was wheeled away for surgery. And I said I still love it. Like I've never had any problem with wrestling or my job but I used it as a distraction to not have to face some things that I should have faced a long time ago. You know, I do have anxiety and I suffer from ADHD and depression and stuff like that. So it was stuff that I no longer had a distraction for. It was right in front of me. So I got help. I saw a doctor and therapist. And I feel incredible. And I feel great. I am very much looking forward to using wrestling as what it was always meant to be. Which is not a distraction anymore. It's my purpose. I and showing the world who I am, who a healthy version of me really is."

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