Bianca Belair comments on her status with NXT
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During an appearance on Corey Graves' After The Bell podcast, Bianca Belair commented on her status with the NXT brand:

ďIím not gonna say that Iím content. Iím not really that content. Iím always wanting more, but what I will say is NXT is my home. I consider it my family, and I love my journey that Iíve had in NXT. I feel like, three and a half years in, I still have so much that I can do if I do stay in NXT for a while. Iím still chasing the title, and I havenít run out of things [to do] so I think I can have a really long career in NXT if thatís the case. With that being said, I know Bianca Belair. Sheíll shine wherever sheís at whether itís NXT, RAW or SmackDown, and I just go with the flow. I really believe whatís for you will be for you, so I just continue to stay in my lane.Ē

ďI stay focused on myself. I do what Iím supposed to do. I donít take days off,Ē Belair said. ďEven if things donít go my way, I still donít take days. I just really believe that whatís for you will be for you. Regardless if thatís RAW, NXT or SmackDown, Iím gonna shine and stand out like I always do. Wherever it takes me, Iím ready for the journey, and my husband is on RAW so if I went to RAW, I would get to see him a lot more. But Iím just excited for the future. I think I have endless possibilities whether itís on RAW, NXT or SmackDown.Ē

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