Buddy Murphy comments on Paul Heyman and 205 Live
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 02/05/2020 at 03:26 PM

In an interview with, Buddy Murphy commented on how Paul Heyman has been helping him on the RAW brand:

ďPaul has been awesome to work with. He has a lot of belief in me and I donít want to let him down. The Aleister Black performances and what not, I want the ball and I want to run with it. I believe Ė and Paul believes Ė I can be a mega star for this company.

Once that bells rings, Iíve got that down pat, now I just need a story to sink my teeth into and maybe being Sethís disciple is it. Paul has been a great influence and heís been pointing me in the direction and as long as I can keep Paul and Vince [McMahon happy], then Iím happy.Ē

Murphy also commented on the state of the 205 Live brand:

"The 205 originals are awesome. They could mix it up on the main roster any day of the week. But the current product I havenít really seen. I know theyíve transitioned from the WWE Cruiserweight title to the NXT Cruiserweight title. From what Iíve seen of it, they donít do much [in the way of] stories at the moment. Not many storylines there, you know what I mean? I donít know. I personally, as a guy who feels like he helped build 205 Live, itís a completely different entity now. Theyíve had to replace the original guys and I donít get much of a chance to watch it being busy on the road, but I remember 205 Live for what it was, not necessarily what it is now because Iím just not too sure."

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