Ember Moon reveals how she got injured
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 01/07/2020 at 04:35 PM

During an interview with Booker T, Ember Moon revealed how she suffered an Achilles injury back in September:

Im getting ready to do SmackDown the next day and they were like, Hey, Ember, youre in the 24/7 title run because Carmella won the night before. And I was like, Yall sure? Yall sure yall need me for that?! You know whats weird is like when you know you have a bad feeling about something? So I had a feeling and I was like oooh, do we? But, ya know what, team player, screw it. I got this. Im in, Ember explained.

We do the run through and I told Truth, I was like, Truth, you better run, Im gonna catch you, Truth. If I catch you, Im tackling you and youre going down. And so when we actually did it, I literally caught them right before we went through the curtain, she added. So they go through the curtain and they didnt realize how close I was behind them. As Im coming through, the curtain shuts, I open it, go through. Truth is dropping Carmella and Im going full speed and I had to hit the brakes. I was just like, whoah, BOOM, and I felt a pop.

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