New technical details regarding WWE flight delay
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 11/08/2019 at 12:31 PM

Thanks to The Jerry Lawler Show podcast for the following:

On The Jerry Lawler Show podcast this week, Jerry and Sean Reedy discussed details of the Saudi plane troubles from last weekend and the talent meeting that took place Monday at RAW. The show can be found at and goes up every Friday.

Some highlights from the show

– Vince McMahon took a microphone and addressed the entire roster on Monday, along with HHH

– Vince called it the worst travel story he had seen in his 49 years of being involved in pro wrestling

– The first problem was the tug

– Then an issue with the manifest due to the weight of the plane

– Wrestlers say this was not explained to them properly

- More fuel was needed after the weight issue

– After the tanks were completely full, a sensor was set off saying a piece of equipment transferring fuel from one engine to another wasn’t working

– A piece had to be flown in from Germany to address the fuel issue

– Then the issue of finding hotel rooms for 200 people

– AJ Styles spoke up about what a disaster the situation was to live through

– Many more details on the show

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