Crown Jewel: Rollins vs. Wyatt
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 10/31/2019 at 04:12 PM

Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt Falls Count Anywhere match for the Universal Championship

- Wyatt got the upper hand on Rollins right off the bat. The match took place with the red tint that was used at Hell in a Cell. Rollins fought back and the brawl went into the crowd.

- Rollins hit a stomp on the outside and Wyatt popped up right away. Rollins used a chair on Wyatt and then pulled out a sledgehammer. Wyatt tried to fight him off but Rollins got a couple of shots with the sledgehammer. However, Wyatt quickly came back from it.

- Wyatt ended up pushing Rollins off the top rope and Rollins fell through two tables that he (Rollins) set up.

- Wyatt exposed the concrete floor and attempted Sister Abigail but Rollins countered. Rollins hit a stomp on the exposed floor but Wyatt kicked out.

- Wyatt hit Sister Abigail in the crowd but Rollins kicked out.

- The two fought by the entrance. Rollins hit another stomp but Wyatt got up right away. Rollins hit several more stomps on Wyatt.

- Rollins superkicked Wyatt off the staging area through equipment and sparks went off. Workers used fire extinguishers but then Wyatt rose from the equipment. Wyatt put on the mandible claw, hit Sister Abigail, and won the Universal Title.

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