AEW having a women's tag team division?
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 10/10/2019 at 09:46 AM caught up with Brandi Rhodes at the New York Comic Con and here are the highlights...

A possible women's tag team division:

"You never want to rush into things because you put unnecessary pressure on competitors that donít need to be there. Each championship is unfolding as we go. Pretty confident that [AEW President] Tony Khan is on record saying he would want a womenís tag division. I want a womenís tag division."

Riho winning the women's title:

"It was the unlikely candidate that won, so thatís very intriguing. [Nyla Rose] is obviously very angry. And there are all these hungry women chomping at the bit for a chance to win a championship. Itís going to play out very nicely.

It was inspirational to see. It also gives me so much hopeÖ. People will continue to be hooked because it was hard not to be connected to something on that show.

Itís a huge challenge for someone like Riho, who just came over to the United States and doesnít speak English. Translation will come mostly from Michael Nakazawa, but Riho is an incredible competitor, and you can get her story without her talking. I loved what I saw from her the other night. I felt the wave of emotion, her fight. I wanted her to win by the end."

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