Mickie James comments on her new role in WWE
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 10/02/2019 at 08:50 AM

In an interview on her official website, Mickie James commented on her new commentary role with WWE...

On doing commentary for Main Event: ďI was surprised WWE offered me the opportunity but very excited to jump on board. Itís good to be back on the road with the crew and to call matches of Superstars you donít always get to see on the main broadcasts.Ē

On being able to keep an eye on the competition from the desk: ďAs odd as it sounds, because Iíve only been off the road for a couple months, I feel like Iím missing out on so much. This gives me the opportunity to scout the Superstars who are going to be waiting to battle me when Iím healed up.Ē

On her broadcast colleagues going to RAW: ďI guess this makes me the veteran of Main Event huh? [laughs] I havenít heard yet who Iím going to be working with next, but Iím sure itíll be a fun environment. Iíve done a few guest commentary spots, but this was so different. Iím thankful for my team (Vic and Dio) to help dip my toes on a whole different side of the spectrum. Theyíre so incredibly talented and I canít wait to watch them on Raw. Iím super excited about this. I think it can aid in my growth as a superstar in the company. You never stop learning in this business. Iíve always wanted to know more and really delve into the other side of the business. This is giving me a chance to hopefully really shine in a whole different capacity.Ē

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