The Young Bucks comment on NXT's USA Network debut
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 09/20/2019 at 04:54 PM

The Young Bucks did an interview with Alex McCarthy of and here are the highlights from McCarthy:

I pressed the Young Bucks on AEW's TV deal in the UK.

They said they are still in negotiations and can't say. Matt said: "I wish I could shout what I know from the rooftops."

I asked if it will be sorted by the first episode. Nick: "I don't want to say yes and then it's not."

I asked if it will be live, what channel, etc etc - they couldn't say on any of it because they are in negotiations as we speak. They did stress, however, that the UK is a very valuable market to them and they are pressing to get it sorted.

The Young Bucks did say that AEW will do "multiples shows a year" in the UK.

Matt: "We had an idea to do a big PPV in the UK and I wanted to call it 'Royal Flush'. Tony Khan was like 'Yeah, I think there that sounds more like a trip to the loo,' so he shot me down!"

- The Young Bucks told me they did watch NXT.

Nick: "It was a fun show. But 10 weeks from now, those fans might get tired. It happened with IMPACT [doing a show from the same studio]."

Matt: "I'm rooting for them, I want them to have a good show. Ours is just going to be better."

Also worth noting that when talking about what they saw on NXT, The Young Bucks reserved special praise for Candice LeRae.

- Young Bucks on HHH not trading his talent for anyone:

Nick: "It just made me laugh. C'mon... we know you wanted us."

Matt: "A year ago you were trying to get us all [The Elite]! Don't act like there was no interest and you wouldn't trade for us because I know for a fact you would."

- Young Bucks on Pac replacing Moxley at All Out:

Nick: "There was a couple of other names the guys were floating around and I was like NOPE. Credit to Tony, he got the deal done with PAC."

Matt: "We just want to be completely transparent with our audience with what is going on." will be publishing the full interview in the near future.

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