How NXT/USA deal could be good for WWE talents
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 08/23/2019 at 11:34 AM

During his recent podcast with Christian, Edge talked about the positives of NXT moving to the USA Network and becoming a two-hour show:

“I think that finally makes it feel to everyone, like it is now a third brand. It’s not this, ‘Are you going up to the main roster?’ Cause we’ve talked about that, I’ve never liked that, you’ve never liked that. To me, it’s a lateral shift, but now it really solidifies that idea.”

“What will be interesting is a lot of those talents are used to taped shows. Live is way different. They go from an hour to two hours and to me, one of the things that I loved about NXT is that it was an hour. Because you couldn’t – if you got ADD, you’ll be able to focus through that hour, probably, you know what I’m saying? And it’s just enough time to not over-expose anything, but to expose enough and that to me is kind of the biggest question mark.”

“What I hope is that if there is talent that are spinning their wheels and they can do so much more, like an Apollo Crews, like a Cesaro. So many people. Let them go to NXT, man. And let them shine and let them do their thing. That to me is how you can fill up those two hours, that to me is how you can use those guys to teach the younger folks, ‘Okay, this is live TV. This is how this works,’ and I think that’s the key. And in terms of AEW, I mean what’s super exciting about that is we have no idea what it is even going to look like. Like what format? Like how are they going to do promos? There’s so many fun things to just as a fan, sit and watch and see. Exciting stuff, man.”

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