Full NXT spoilers for the next several weeks
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Thanks to Will Henderson and Mr. Jacob Cohen for the following NXT TV taping spoilers:

August 21 Episode:

* We open with a recap of the ďTakeover: Toronto 2019Ē event

* The Undisputed Era comes out to start. NXT Champion Adam Cole says he did everything he said he would and heís the greatest champion NXT has had. Roderick Strong says they should all have gold, and says they got screwed. Roddy says NXT North American Champion The Velveteen Dreamís title reign is on borrowed time. Kyle OíReilly says to win a tag match, you have to pin the legal man. They pitch to video showing that Bobby Fish tagged in to the match at the end and Fish demands NXT General Manager William Regal come make this right. Cole hypes all three of them up and says they are two steps from fulfilling the Undisputed Prophecy. As Undisputed walks up the ramp, Jordan Myles comes out. Cole runs him down while Myles stands there, and after Cole trash talks, Myles hands him the contract he won in the Breakout Tournament before leaving

* Damian Priest defeated Mansoor Al-Shehail. Mansoor gets some fun Hope offense in, but gets leveled with a Razorís Edge and Priest hits the Archer of Destiny for the win

* Mia Yim defeated Vanessa Borne. Aliyah grabs Miaís foot for the distraction, allowing Vanessa to take control. Mia takes control back and hits a single-leg Codebreaker/Eat Defeat mashup for the win. After the match, NXT Womenís Champion Shayna Baszler comes out. Shayna tells Mia sheís badass and she took her to places she never had to go to win. Shayna says they donít have to stand on opposite sides. Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke surround the ring as Shayna proposes she join them. Mia attacks Marina and then gets laid out by the other Horsewomen

* We go to a video package on Keith Lee vs. Donovan Dijakovic, discussing their paths here and how they crossed before they got here, including highlights of their EVOLVE match during WrestleMania 33 weekend and their previous Full Sail encounter. Awesome video package

* Shane Thorne defeated Bronson Reed. Fun match. Bronson catches Shane on a leapfrog and powerbombs him. Thorne slides out of a gorilla press and takes out Bronsonís knee. Shane with a cannonball but only gets two. Bronson fights back, but Shane rolls out of the ring. Thorne knocks Reed off the top turnbuckle and hits the running boot to the face for the win

* NXT North American Champion The Velveteen Dream is rolled out on a couch. He cuts a promo about retaining the title at Takeover and tells Roderick Strong the spotlight is now on him

* The Io Shirai music video is played

* Killian Dain defeated Matt Riddle. After the match Riddle and Dain continue brawling to the outside, Dain gets the better of Riddle.

August 28 Episode:

* Io Shirai defeats Cami Fields. Io tries to attack Cami with a kendo stick after the match but Candice LeRae makes the save.

* Dominik Dijakovic defeats Keith Lee. Go out of your way to watch this one, another classic between these 2!

* Horsewomen out, before they get a word in Rhea Ripley comes out. Rhea says that Shayna has beaten everyone here, but she hasnít beaten her yet. Shayna and the Horsewomen back off.

* Breezango defeat 3.0.

* Bianca Belair defeats Taynara Conti.

* * NXT Champion Cole retained over Jordan Myles, who was cashing in his NXT Breakout Tournament title shot. Cole with a side headlock to start, and he keeps going back to it to counter Myles. Myles with an armdrag, Cole backs him into the corner. Myles misses on the running apron kick and Cole pulls him to the floor. Cole in complete control. Jordan fight back after some Cole trash talk and runs wild, hitting a big crossbody for 2. Cole back in control, but misses a Panama Sunrise. Cole with a Figure 4 but Myles gets to the ropes. They fight on the top rope. Myles jumps off, but Cole kicks him out of the air and hits the knee brainbuster for 2. Myles with a tope and a frogsplash for a near fall. Myles catches a superkick and puts Cole down and hits a 450 for 2. Cole nails a superkick as Myles gets back in the ring, one to the back of the head, and the Last Shot for the win.

September 11 Episode

* Damian Priest defeats Boa.

* He says everyone wants to know what the future holds for Johnny Gargano... He says he loves everything about NXT. NXT is about people like him putting on the best wrestling shows possible. Johnny made his choice... Before he can announce it Shane Thorne comes out. Shane letís Johnny know NXT will be just fine without him, with the right person in the spotlight it will be even better. Shane tells Johnny to take his bow and take a walk. Johnny Gargano says heís NXT and heís not going anywhere, then superkicks Shane Thorne.

* NXT North American Champion The Velveteen Dream defeated Kona Reeves. Dream wins with the Dream Valley Driver. This was really a nothing match. After the match, Roderick Strong cuts a promo on the video screen to interrupt Dream. Roddy asks if Dream is ready for an experience with Roddy, and the camera pans out to show Dreamís couch on fire. Roddy asks if he has Dreamís attention now.

* Pete Dunne defeats Angel Garza.

* Cameron Grimes defeats Raul Mendoza.

* Shayna Baszler defeats Rhea Ripley by DQ when the Horsewomen do a run in and Rhea used a chair.

* The Undisputed Era defeat the Street Profits to win the NXT tag team titles. "Thank you Profits" chants at the end.

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