Big Cass talks about meeting with Vince McMahon
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 08/14/2019 at 09:07 PM

In an interview with, Big Cass talked about his conversation with Vince McMahon prior to being released from WWE and his personal comeback:

"[The firing] didn't come as a shock to me. I was pretty out of control for a few months," Caz admitted. "The night after 'Money in the Bank,' I had main-evented the house show with Daniel Bryan. When I came back from the match, I was told, 'You have a meeting with Vince [McMahon] tomorrow at noon at the building,' and I knew it right then and there what was going to go down."

"We chatted for about an hour. It was a really good talk. And that was the end of my tenure with WWE," Caz recalled. "Before I left the room Vince looked me in the eye and he said, 'You walk out of this building with your head held high. You did nothing wrong.' So it's exactly what I did. It was unfortunate but I was just not in a good place and I had changed as a human being."

"Don't bottle it down. Go see a psychiatrist, go talk to somebody about it. Don't keep it to yourself. The worst thing you could do," Caz advised. "It's going to end in disaster Take the right steps to get better whatever it is, medication, talk therapy, whatever you need to do. Do it because if you let this keep going on, it's going to end in an absolute disaster."

"A lot of people out there had written me off and nobody wanted to give me a chance," Caz said. "Michael Lombardi had some faith in me He gave me the opportunity to wrestle Jon Moxley on a show in New Jersey, and that's where things started to turn around for me and [nZo] because we represented ourselves really well."

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