Booker T explains the situation with Starrcast
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 07/09/2019 at 03:56 PM

During his recent podcast, Booker T explained what happened with him not being part of Starrcast III:

"I want to set the record straight right here, especially as far as the Starrcast event," said Booker during the show. "Let's start it in chronological order. You and I were at the last Starrcast in May event and we had a great time out in Vegas. The fans were really awesome out at the autograph signing as well. It was a great experience for me, but I do remember after Starrcast and you and I were talking after the event and I said that I wasn't going to do a Starrcast next time just because. I just didn't think it was right for me to be working for WWE and being at Starrcast."

"Conrad [Thompson], he texts me a date that he wants me to do an autograph signing on. That autograph signing was August 31st, that day was in Chicago - he told me all of that. What he didn't tell me is that it was Starrcast, I didn't know it was Starrcast. I didn't find out it was Starrcast until you, Brad, texted me and said, 'Are you doing Starrcast? And I was like, 'No, I'm not doing Starrcast.' [You replied], 'Well, they're advertising you.' I immediately tweet out and say that I wasn't going to be doing Starrcast because I did not know that the Conrad booking was Starrcast, because he did not say that it was Starrcast."

He added, "He just said [the appearance was] 'an autograph signing.'... But that date, like I said, it was never mentioned one time in text or verbally that it was Starrcast, and if he said, 'Hey Book, would you like to do Starrcast III?' I would have said, 'Hey man, I appreciate it but no.' But it wasn't framed that way, so I just want the people to know that I did not pull out of Starrcast... I was never in Starrcast; I was booked for a date, for an autograph signing, not knowing that it was Starrcast."

"WWE had zero to do with me not doing that booking, they did not pull me from it," Booker explained. "As well as, WWE is not scrambling to find somebody else because it was never a WWE booking. I was never supposed to be at Starrcast from the beginning."

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