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As previously noted, WWE is airing an EVOLVE event on the WWE Network the same day as AEW Fight for the Fallen. Dave Meltzer of discussed WWE's plans to counter AEW moving forward:

“Yeah, the war is very real and obviously everyone knows that I mean the EVOLVE thing if that didn’t tell everyone and again, there are other things and it’s gonna happen constantly. We’ll be talking about that forever because that’s how Vince is. It’s like you get in a war with Vince and you gotta be willing to fight back too.”

“Knowing Vince they’re gonna do a counter for the TV and look, they just did a counter for the show on the 13th, they’re gonna counter every move. That’s just how it’s gonna be. It’s a war and you know, Vince gets interested in wars and [AEW] is gonna have to fight back because if it’s a one-sided, you know if they just sit there and keep taking it, you know they’ll be like every other promotion.”

“I don’t wanna say that [AEW] doesn’t have money, because they have money, but in the end you can bully, but the way to be the bully is gonna be who’s more clever and it’s all up to their cleverness. I mean they did do the cease and desist thing so they’re gonna have to pull a lot of cease and desist things out of their brains to counter this or they won’t.”

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