Reigns' future with WWE; Flair's blood clot
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 07/06/2019 at 08:49 AM

- In an interview with, Roman Reigns commented on his future with WWE. Reigns stated that once he begins to wear down physically, “that’s when I think we can really start to dabble and go on a fuller schedule as far as films.”

“Right now, I’m so fully engulfed in wrestling and continuing to tell the story my family has told for decades now, I want to put a few more layers on the foundation that we have, as far as our history and our legacy.

“How I feel physically, where my health is, I want to take advantage of the next couple of years and just really maximize my WWE career and give back to the company, to the guys in that locker room as much as possible.”

- In a recent interview with, Ric Flair commented on his recent health issues:

“They found a blood clot in my leg, which I’ve had for years. But a little piece had gone into my lung and they got rid of that. So I spent three days there cleaning it and I had fluid on my heart from all of the anesthesia from the three other surgeries.”

“Then they fixed me and it was like night and day. The next day I knew I was as good as I had ever been. Prior to February, I was running at Level 7 on a Treadmill – that’s how good I felt.”

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