Jack Swagger open to a potential WWE return?
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During an appearance on Booker T's podcast, Jake Hader (formerly Jack Swagger) commented on WWE and here are the highlights...

On if he regrets anything about his WWE run: ďYou know what? Iím not afraid to admit it right now. I think the thing that I was missing most was being able to stand up for myself backstage. Whether it was storylines, or whether it was the political BS that we all had to endure, I was a pushover a lot of the time. And I think thatís good fuel for me right now in MMA. Iíve got a chip on my shoulder, Iím pissed off about certain things, you know? You canít be more mad than at yourself, so Iím holding myself accountable and Iím really pushing myself and learning from the experience, and not just dwelling on it and blaming others. I was young, I signed with WWE when I was 24, I was up on the main roster when I was 26. Ten years later, thatís a lot of learning and a lot of growth. And it took me a while to realize my value. But once I did, weíve been taking the steps in the right direction ever since.Ē

On a potential return down the line: ďItís cool about this WWE thing right now, because itís never off the table. And pro wrestling has grown so popular right now, itís just awesome. Itís like, thereís no more hiding in the closet and watching it, or reading the magazines. Itís cool to be a pro wrestler and that makes it so much better for us as pro wrestlers who go out there and put our bodies on the line, and give the fans entertainment that they deserve.Ē

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