Nakamura addresses his current position in WWE
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In an interview with Japan outlet J Sports, Shinsuke Nakmaura commented on his current position in WWE:

"Since I became a professional wrestler when I was 22 years old, I was able to come here without looking back. In 2015, there was a feeling that I had done [everything] in the Japanese ring, and I still wanted to keep trying." Nakamura shared. "As the next step, we aim to raise one step further, and take one step to the area we have not touched before. The place for the challenge was WWE. Even now, the situation changes daily, and my position is up and down everyday, and I am living with it."

"That's why it happened." Nakamura laughed. "I have no complaints about the tag [team] with Rusev. Even in singles, we [had] five battles to know each other's goodness, and because we are both foreigners in the U.S., we also have sympathy. I do not like Rusev as much as I like, so it may be that each other's schedule doesn't match. There is still a place to explore. It is said that both Rusev and I are better at singles, but it is not bad as we see different scenes by assembling tags." Nakamura continued by speaking about Asuka and Kairi Sane, "They are also very motivated, and I think that Asuka has been working on a single front all the time, and I feel freshness to do with Kairi and doing [a] tag [team]."

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