Peter Rosenberg comments on his WWE status
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 06/04/2019 at 09:41 AM

During his recent Cheap Heat radio program, Peter Rosenberg explained why he hasn't been appearing on WWE television. Rosenberg said he had been dealing with personal issues and then noted the following:

"When I came back to WWE and I was ready to work WrestleMania, those who make the decisions on those things ó Michael Cole ó were no longer interested in using me for that.

So WrestleMania came to New York City where Iíve been promoting it for four/five months prior, even when I was no longer traveling, and they said, ĎWe donít have a place for you on WrestleMania.í They couldnít even squeeze me on that fakakta Watch Along show that has eighty people talking at the same time. Still didnít have room for me there. Didnít put me anywhere. Ok.

As much as it sounds like Iím even mad at Cole, not even mad at Cole. Cole and I were never super tight. Heís got the way he sees things. If I donít fit into that, I donít care. Thereís a lot of things that I donít Ö as you can hear, I think the Watch Along show is literally the worst Ö an embarrassment to the Network.

Thatís not a veiled shot at Pat McAfee. I donít think anyone can do that show and make it good. You canít have ten people talking at the same time. Itís not good."

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