Ricochet talks about his transition to WWE
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In an interview with the State of Combat podcast, Ricochet commented on making the transition from the indy scene to WWE and working at the Performance Center...

“That was actually one of the things that I was looking forward to the most when I was getting signed was to come to the Performance Center to work on some of the parts that I wasn’t really the best at,” he said.

“I was learning from guys like Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Terry Taylor, Norman Smiley as far as character and promos, they would say things that are so obvious, but I just wouldn’t think about it. [….] I felt like it really helped me out. Not even with promos and characters, even in the ring stuff that I thought I had ironed out they would tell me things that would make it even better and I would think how they made my process so much better and how I wasn’t sure why I never thought about it. I have no complaints for my time at the Performance Center. It was great.”

“[…] it was good, a lot of friendly competition, a lot of love. We all knew each other a long time before we got here so it is a new company and would want to grow it as much as possible and try to give it everything we got and help it grow.”

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