NXT Takeover: Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole
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Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole for the NXT World Title

- Stephanie McMahon was shown in the crowd.

- It was announced that the next NXT UK PPV will take place on August 31st, the same day as AEW's All Out.

- Adam Cole had a live rapper for his entrance.

- There were huge dueling chants and NXT chants when the match started.

- Cole almost hit the Last Shot early which was how he won the first fall at NXT Takeover: New Orleans.

- Gargano worked on the arm early to setup for the Gargano escape later.

- Cole came back and got several new falls on the champion including a burning hammer into his knee.

- Cole hit superkicks on Gargano but Gargano countered with a superkick of his own that sent Cole on the outside. After that, they superkicked each other on the outside.

- The two would later trade submission holds.

- Gargano went for a dive to the outside and Cole hit a superkick followed by a Panama Sunrise on the outside. Cole went for a cover in the ring but Gargano kicked out.

- The two used each other's moves (Gargano Escape and Last Shot) and the crowd chanted Fight Forever.

- Cole hit his own last shot and Gargano kicked out in a huge nearfall that had the crowd going wild.

- In frustration, Cole went for a chair. Gargano went to take out Cole but hit the referee by mistake. Gargano kicked the chair into Cole's face and went for the pin but the referee was down.

- After Gargano checked on the referee, Cole tricked Gargano into thinking Undisputed Era were coming out. Cole hit a DDT but Gargano kicked out.

- Cole went for another Last Shot but Gargano collapsed. Gargano was playing possum and got the Gargano Escape on.

- Cole came back, hit the Panama Sunrise, and another Last Shot to win the NXT Title. Undisputed Era came out after the match for the celebration. Cole joined Gargano as an NXT Triple Crown winner.

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