Latest details regarding Lars Sullivan's $100k fine
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 05/16/2019 at 09:35 AM

Dave Meltzer of provided more details regarding Lars Sullivan being fined $100,000 for his offensive posts made on the message board:

* WWE didn't have Sullivan publicly apologize in late 2018 when the posts first came to light since "the belief, and this is accurate in most cases, is that in these situations, apologizing only makes the situation worse and makes you a target." The company was hoping to "ride out of the storm" and wait for the heat to die down.

* The fear of repercussions was likely a factor in Sullivan having serious anxiety issues that delayed his debut.

* Mars Wrigley was said to be "furious" after receiving a letter from a Reddit user named "SnitchBoy" regarding Sullivan's comments.

* Meltzer noted that the fine will "likely have to be deducted from future earnings" since Sullivan doesn't have the money to pay for the fine at this point. The hope within WWE is that the fine will take the heat off from people that want Sullivan to be fired.

* Despite being an independent contractor, WWE reportedly has the contractual rights to fine a wrestler even if an incident took place before the wrestler joined the company.

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