WWE star says he turned down contract for twice the pay
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 05/07/2019 at 10:57 AM

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Rhyno commented on his WWE contract expiring and choosing to not renew. Here are the highlights from Vliet:

The status of his WWE contract:

ďJuly 17th is my last date there. They actually offered me more than twice my downside but it wasnít where they would have to use me because the downside is so large and it wasnít about money it was about me wanting to be on the road work and helping the younger guys kind of like a player coach.Ē

WWE offered him more than double the money to stay and home and not wrestle:

ďIt was a mutual understanding that we were not going to figure out a number. And theyíve been great, I canít say anything bad about them. I had a lot of fun. I was afraid that they would say yes to a larger downside than what they offered me because I was afraid that they would still sit me at home. Itís not that they donít like me, there is a lot of talent there and they have to cycle the talent which is normal because you want to get men and women out there to work. I was afraid that I would become miserable and thatís the last thing that you want to do when youíre doing something that you love. I would rather take a step back and work for some of these companies and work the independent scene.Ē

Why does he not want to take the larger contract?

ďThatís a good question and I came back and I said I want to be on the road. I feel good, I feel very blessed that my health is there. My job is to find the next John Cena, the next Stone Cold Steve Austin, the next Rock and how can I help these guys if Iím not on the road? If Iím sitting at my marina, thatíd be nice Iíd be very fortunate to do that, but I canít help those younger men and women improve. On the indies, I can do that. And with other companies whether itís AEW, Impact, Ring of Honor or New Japan Iíve done that before in the past and thatís something I can do now in the future.Ē

Is WWE offering large contracts because they are scared their talent will sign with AEW?

ďI donít know if theyíre scared or theyíre concerned. This is no inside information, this is just what I think and if there is no other talent out there, then no other companies can grow. Thereís a lot of stuff whether itís Impact, Ring of Honor or New Japan where they are doing more stuff over here and Impact and AEW and those other companies, if they donít have the equipment to build that factory then thereís not going to be that competition so to speak. So I think thatís why theyíre offering a lot of money. Ē

Does he have a 90-day non compete clause?

ďNo, no my contract ends on July 17th and like I said, theyíve been great to me. When Iíd go to work, I had fun.Ē

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