Bischoff comments on WWE's production; AEW PPV update
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 05/06/2019 at 12:25 PM

- In a recent interview with, Eric Bischoff commented on WWE's production:

"When you talk about production values, you have to look at it for more than one perspective ó whoís graphics are cooler? Whoís got the better pyro? Those are obvious things. Going from taped to live had a far more significant impact on the wrestling industry than cool graphics. Even today, I love WWEís product. Nobody can come close to producing them. For my tastes, itís a little too glossy. It doesnít feel live. Thereís no sense of urgency. The feeling that anything can happen ó thatís a big advantage of going live. You condition the audience to believe or to feel, even subconsciously, because itís live itís a little more dangerous because anything can happen. Thatís something that drives viewership for wrestling, or at least it used to. I think by producing a show thatís too glossy, you almost forget that itís live. Thatís just my own take. That doesnít mean Iím right, thatís just how I feel about it."

- AEW's Double or Nothing event is currently scheduled to be available on traditional PPV with AT&T's U-verse showing a 7PM Eastern listing on May 25th. There hasn't been an official announcement yet about Double or Nothing being available on streaming services.

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