More regarding Bryan's injury and being cleared
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Dave Meltzer of commented on Daniel Bryan being cleared and the concern about his injury from Wrestlemania 35:

ďWe all have the same assumption. Everyone has the same assumption, okay? Everyone including in the company you know itís hidden from everyone ó I donít wanna say hidden from everyone because Iím sure thereís some people, the key people know. I mean obviously the assumption is that he got a concussion ó I donít know that to be true.Ē

ďWhat else would they have a reason to hide? Obviously, if it was thereís reasons to hide that. So you know if you come at that as educated speculation, but it is just speculation. Then you have you know, thereís a lot of ways to look at that.Ē

ďHeís been back 13 months, itís not like it happened a week in, but itís still a concussion, heís had many so everyone in the business is gonna get concussions. When he came back the reality was that at some point he was gonna get one. If he got two or three in the first year that would be real bad. He got one in 13 months in a sense I donít know that itís bad ó itís also not good. You know, itís concerning if thatís what it is itís definitely concerning.Ē

ďThe fact that he got cleared so quick is a good sign. That makes sense too because remember when he got hurt when we were talking it was like nobody has any idea when heís going to be back. If he didnít recover and he wasnít back for six months after this concussion youíd start to worry again.Ē

ďThe fact that he was able to pass the testing in a couple of weeks maybe, you know none of this is a good sign. Perhaps itís not that bad of a sign. You know itísÖ thereís so much speculation in this that I almost feel guilty about it, but then again, itís a topic that we should be talking about. Itís a very important topic and itís a very confusing topic because you can read it in a lot of ways.Ē

ďTheyíve got a medical staff, but you know when he got the last concussion that almost ended his career all of those protocols they totally botched it, so we canít just got ĎWell they got good doctors we donít need to worry about ití ó we do need to worry about it.Ē

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