Update on AEW's possible TV deal with Turner Networks
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 04/11/2019 at 11:49 AM

According to an insider with, an All Elite Wrestling deal with Turner Networks is "definitely not signed." Negotiations are reportedly ongoing but they are "pretty complex" and the deal is "not imminent." The site noted that AEW might be available on streaming services and added the following:

"It is possible that the AEW series would not be year-round. That would likely be a combination of the newness of the league and its desire to be more wrestler-friendly than rival WWE, which has a punishing schedule for talent."

Dave Meltzer of addressed the situation:

ďAs of Sunday, there was no deal. Nobody has gotten back to me if that has changed.

What FRB reported was a likely scenario, but itís not confirmed at all. Hopefully Iíll hear something tomorrow. If I hear nothing, it probably means the deal is done, but the last I heard from those who would be involved with those deals was yesterday and the subject never came up and it was about Daytona Beach, so itís not like Iím out of contact. But the hope was to complete the deal by May for all the obvious reasons. But people have talked about the deal like itís done at times since December, and I know of negotiations with other parties that were still going on and knew enough other stuff to know the deal wasnít done, and donít know this isnít just another person who heard about the talks, the presumption of where it was going and when, but itís no more done then itís been all along.Ē

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