Henry comments on Jimmy Uso's recent arrest
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Mark Henry recently appeared on Jim Ross' podcast and here are a few highlights...

His work at PPVs and TV tapings: Im going to all the pay-per-views and an assorted [number] of TV shows that Ill be going to now. And anytime that I communicate with guys, I walk the room. I just individually walk up to if I see Velveteen Dream, Im going to go talk to him. If theres a guy that I feel like Ive heard something, I walk up to them and I tell him, Hey, Im hearing this. Lets try to fix this. This is my phone number. Call me if you need some advice, like, thats what Im here for.'

Talent not wanting to do jobs anymore: Like nobody wants to do jobs [anymore]. They feel like its beneath them somehow. And I would be, Hall Of Famer or not, I would go back in a heartbeat if my body would allow it, do jobs and show people the way to get it done. But its unfortunate for me, my body gave up.

Jimmy Usos arrest last month: I dont think hell be mad for me saying this, but I talked to Jon [Jimmy]. He got arrested recently and I told him, dont hand your head. Everybody goes through struggles. I was like, what you need to do now is to speak up for yourself and not let people create the narrative. Like, you let people know what it is. And just like weve all run into police officers that are overzealous sometimes, if you will. He was not at a point where he was being belligerent. He felt like his wife got talked to in a way that she shouldnt have gotten talked to. Were all going to stand up for our wives and our significant others.

WWEs philosophy around finishes changing: I think it will [change]. I dont think its for the worst. What I do think is youll see a different perspective with the way finishes are. Ive already seen different styles of going into a comeback. And Ive already seen, right there, difference. And I think some of it has been for the best and people like Fit Finlay, their style will never get old because it works and its exciting.

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