WWE Chamber: Women's Elimination Chamber
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Here are the notes and results of the Women's Tag Team Titles match at the 2019 WWE Elimination Chamber PPV:

- Before the PPV started, Mark Henry was interviewed about the Elimination Chamber. Henry gave props to the cruiserweights. Henry picked the IIconics and Kofi Kingston to win the matches.

- Beth Phoenix joined the commentary team for the match.

- Bayley/Sasha and Rose/Deville started the match.

- Riott Squad entered the match next. Squad and Rose/Deville worked over Bayley and Sasha and then went against each other. There was a five-way (minus Sasha) tower of doom spot in the corner.

- The IIconics came out next and attempted to pin all the fallen competitors.

- Fabulous Glow came out next. Everyone exchanged big moves until everyone was down. IIconics worked together to pin Naomi and eliminate her/Carmella from the match.

- Nia and Tamina came out last. IIconics tried to hide in a pod but Nia and Tamina were too strong and pushed the doors open. Nia/Tamina pinned IIconics with stereo Samoan drops.

- Nia hit a super-Samoan drop on Liv while Tamina hit a Superfly splash on both Riott Squad members to eliminate them.

- Nia charged at Bayley but missed and went through the pod. Sasha/Bayley and Mandy/Sonya worked together to pin Tamina.

- Sasha/Bayley hit the backcracker/Bayley to Belly to Sonya but Mandy made the save. Bayley got slammed into the pod support beam. Mandy got a nearfall on Sasha. Sonya accidentally speared Mandy. Sasha got the Banks Statement on Sonya and Sonya tapped out.

- After the match, Sasha and Bayley cut a victory promo and the crowd did a "you deserve it" chant. Sasha said nobody knows how hard they fought to win the titles. Sasha said this is the start of more changes to come in the women's division.

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