Jericho talks about possible AEW television deal
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Chris Jericho recently did an interview with and here are the highlights...

Potential AEW television deal:

Im not going to show up somewhere that doesnt have a major-league television deal, said Jericho. Thats not what Im interested in doing. Im not doing this to be a martyr or Robin Hood. Im doing this to continue to grow my brand and to take over the business and the world.

I know a few potential suitors for television. I know some potential ideas as far as how were going to do it. I know that both of them that Ive heard are game-changers.

Homegrown talent in AEW:

I think weve assembled a great roster already of fresh talent, Jericho said. We have the seasoned veterans and really untapped rookies, with great people on every level. We have six-to-eight blue-chippers. Thats all you need to do a wrestling company. I think we have enough talent for the first year already.

I think what AEW has done is shaken up the big companies, and when I say that I mean WWE and New Japan, to where theyre signing everybody, and signing them to longer deals and more money. And I say to all of them, youre welcome.

We have to work and build the roster that we already have, knowing that well get more, but for right now, we have to assume this is our roster for next year. Lets build some guys and create some of our own stars, which is mandatory for any wrestling company to survive.

Click here for the full interview.

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