Sasha Banks comments on having her promo scripts changed
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 01/19/2019 at 05:43 PM

During an appearance on Edge and Christian's podcast, Sasha Banks commented on approaching Vince McMahon about making changes to her scripted promos:

ďIt felt good. For me, promos havenít really been my best strong suit, but I feel like, as a I keep on getting older (which kind of sucks) the more mature I get and the more I actually think about what I say. I also feel like now as a performer, Iím not really scared to speak up when Iím giving a promo and thatís the beautiful thing about WWE. With them growing as well, if you get handed something and you have questions about it, Iím not scared about going to Vince [Mcmahon] at events and asking him to change it, to make it into my own words. For the past two weeks, I took liberty with that. The week before, I wasnít supposed to say the ĎB Word,í but it just kind of came out and I feel like that added to the promo, as well. So, you just kind of always have to apologize later, but if youíre doing the best you can to make the story better, I think itís OK to do those things for the better of the story.Ē

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