Indy star talks more about her bloody tampon spot
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Thanks to The Shining Wizards for passing along the following interview recap with Priscilla Kelly who spoke about the controversial "bloody tampon" spot...

On the attention sheís been getting over the tampon spot: "Iím not new to the attention. I did a tv show when I was 14 (My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding), and I received tons of attention and backlash from, and everything in between from that, so Iím kind of preconditioned to this kind of thing. Obviously, this is on a bigger scale than that was, but still kind of the same context.

Where did the idea come from? Itís not even about 'Ooh, I want to shock the world.' I literally just thought it would be funny, and Iíve had the idea for months now. Iíve just been waiting for the right opportunity to use it."

On whether she was expecting the negative response within wrestling: "Not at all. Iíve spoken in previous interviews where I said that when you do these types of shows, you donít know going into it if there are going to be cameras. You donít know if itís going to be posted. You donít know going into these shows, like what to expect, because there are a lot of bar shows that Iíve done that never see the light of day. So, I didnít expect anything out of it honestly."

On ďThe Road DoggĒ Brian Jamesí response: "I mean, we get a lot of people saying a lot of things- good, bad, negative, or whatever. I expected to be called disgusting or gross. I wouldnít have done it if it wouldnít provoke that kind emotion. But I never think itís ok to attack someone personally, to attack their character, or to attack them as a human being. I think thatís never ok, no matter the situation. I think if you want to make a comment on your opinion about it being gross, or disgusting, thatís fine. But donít attack me as a person when you donít know who I am. He did apologize, and I appreciate that. But I think, ya know, it takes five seconds to look at your tweet before you send it and say 'Hmm, is this kind of cruel? Am I attacking her on a personal level?' And if thatís the case, maybe you should just keep your mouth shut."

On whether sheís worried the spot could cost her a future job with WWE: "Honestly, no. I donít think it blew any chance. I mean, if it did, thereís plenty of other opportunity in the world of professional wrestling for me. Thereís plenty of other ways to make money in this business. Would I like to go to WWE? Yeah, Iíd love to go to WWE. Iíd like to go anywhere. I like making money. I like expanding my horizons. I like showing off my work on very large platforms. But at the same time, no, I donít think it really could have harmed me because I think thereís a lot worse things that have happened. Not only on TV, but I think there are a lot worse things that have happened privately in wrestlersí lives. These things are very public, and I think what I did, itís simply a stunt at the end of the day. Thereís no cruelty behind my actions, and I think that is the most important aspect."

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