Rollins comments on Kenny Omega and Roman Reigns
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 12/18/2018 at 02:47 PM

Seth Rollins did an interview with Iridian Fierro of La Ley 107.9 and here are a couple of highlights...

Kenny Omega

"Kenny and I worked in Ring of Honor for a short period of time together but that was another lifetime ago. It was probably 10 years ago. We never officially had a one-on-one match. The question was posed to me, ĎWho would you want to face outside the WWE?íand the obvious answer was Kenny Omega. Thatís a guy that Iíve never faced one-on-one, and Iím all about testing myself. I think Iím the absolute best, and make no doubt about it, Kenny Omega is also one of the best in the world."

Roman Reigns

"I stay in touch with Roman. I talk to him once a week just to see how heís doing. Mostly itís about that. At the end of the day he doesnít want to worry about work, he doesnít want to deal with that headache right now, so itís about seeing how heís doing and his recovery right now. Itís nice to hear from him, and once in a while heíll have a question about how things are going [with RAW], but itís mostly just two friends catching up together."

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