WWE HOFer says he has no respect for JBL
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 12/05/2018 at 01:04 PM

WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas recently did an interview with Boston Wrestling and here are the highlights...

One of the worst people didnt like, if I had half a chance I would have whooped his ass going and coming and that is Bradshaw. What a prick, cause hes a prick a first-f*cking class prick. The worst individual anybody would ever want to meet in their life.

He would take guys who were not on his standard and he would always try and put people down. Hes the type of guy who likes to belittle people, you know? One time he got his ass whooped by an office personnel (Joey Styles) beat his butt.

I just watched the way he acted around other people. He always thought that he was better than all the guys in the dressing room. Hes very arrogant and sarcastic. Hes not a likable person if you worked the territory with him. Thats why when he got beat up by Joey Styles that everybody loved that. Everybody was cheering about it. I was hearing about it before the fight was over people was texting me. They said, He got what was coming to him. He just liked to belittle people, its his nature. Hes a nasty person, he can be very nasty. Theres nobody that I knew who liked him while I was there. He was not liked by anybody.

If he was sitting here right now, Id tell him that hes a prick. Id tell him now because I cant get fired. I put up with his sh*t while I was there but there was a lot of times I just wanted to get up and punch him in the face. I mean just about every time he came into the dressing room Id go, Oh sh*t here he comes.'

He would make stuff like during my drug days, he would bring it up everytime he saw me. Tony like Hoover, Hoover he would always bring up cocaine, always bring up sh*t like that. I was trying to keep that under wraps because my job was to teach all the young kids like Sheamus, all the young kids who came in. Vince said, Talk to them Tony, tell them where you made your mistake, so they dont make the same mistakes. So that was primarily my job was to tell other kids and everytime I try to help some young kid, here comes Bradshaw putting me down in front of them.

So he puts me down in front of kids, the kid would start laughing at you so now all the seriousness where maybe you could have reached this young man and guide him in the right direction, Bradshaw would just come in and destroy all that saying, Ah you listening to that Tony, hes all burnt out hes all f*cking coked out. He was a nasty son of a gun. I got no respect for him.

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