Ric Flair's drinking; Was Terri contacted for Evolution?
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- During a recent appearance on Steve Austin's podcast, Ric Flair commented on continuing to drink following his recent health scare:

ďIím gonna be completely honest with you. Iíve asked the doctor ten different times and of course Iíll ask other doctors because I refuse to believe Ė at my wedding I had three glasses of champagne. At my daughterís wedding I had the same or maybe one glass of wine with the champagne and while I was in Florida with Wendy, this past week, we were there for Thanksgiving, I drank about four beers, so itís not the alcohol thatís gonna hurt me. Itís that the doctors are afraid that if I have one, that will lead to another, but I have had a drink, so alcohol is not gonna kill me. Iíve never had any hard liquor and that wonít happen, but I have had probably ten or twelve beverages with alcohol in them; beer, wine, or champagne.Ē

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- In an interview with, former WWE Diva Terri Runnels commented on if she was contacted for the WWE Evolution PPV:

ďThey did not. Hereís whatís interesting, I hadnít thought about this until the other day when someone said, ďWell Terri was a trained wrestler, not a good one but at least she was trained.Ē No, the hell I wasnít. I would get to the building and I would nine times out of ten when Vince started making me wrestle, Iíd be sick to my stomach until I found out if I was wrestling or managing. I hated it. Truthfully, I didnít mind taking bumps. Iíll take bumps all day long. I used to say to him, ďVince, people excel at things they want to do. I donít want to wrestle.Ē Heíd slap me on the arm and tell me Iíd do great. Whomever I was working with would teach me a few moves during the day. That was it. Every time I went out, I did my best.Ē

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