CM Punk comments on rumored AEW promotion
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CM Punk recently did an interview with and here are the highlights...

Reports about rumored All Elite Wrestling promotion starting up:

ďI think at this point that whatever those guys decide to do will be great for them and their families. If I was asked what I would do or what I would say to them ó because they could obviously go to WWE whenever they want ó itís just a matter of is this whatís best for your family? And I think we live in a time now where WWE is not the end-all, be-all. I donít think it has been for quite some time. I think the stigma that it is is still there and probably will persist for many, many years. But enough people have been there and left that can, I guess, extoll the knowledge of, ĎHey, you know what, the place ainít all that.í

And Iím in a spot now where Iíve been gone what, five years? Maybe the place has changed. Iíve got people who text me and say otherwise, but thereís ways to make money and support your family outside of that. With also being able to satisfy the side of your brain thatís creative, the side of your brain that loves professional wrestling, the reason you bought a pair of boots in the first place. And I think those guys can definitely do that. I think they can command their price if they want there. But if they did go there, then theyíd just be another guy ó just like everybody else on that show. Itís amazing, the more time the show gets, the less time it really seems they develop new characters.

If you want to bring this thing back full circle, this is exactly what Iím talking about with CFFC. Iím talking about not just, oh hereís two fighters. Hereís two human beings and they have a family and friends and you can examine all those things without just sticking them out there and trying to sell something that the wrestlers in the ring, that the fighters arenít trying to sell. If those guys all go and start their own thing, more power to them. Let me bring it full circle again, Iím not actively pursing really much of anything. Iím just kind of floating. And itís a nice thing to be able to do and just kind of float and hang out and if somebody wants to pick up the phone like Dave Sholler did and call me up and say, ĎHey, we really think youíd be good at this and we want you to be a part of your company,í they can call me up and make an offer. That has remained to be seen. Pro wrestling is not on my radar.Ē

If he would listen to an offer to return to wrestling:

ďI would always listen. I would listen to them, because just like Dave, I like the Young Bucks. I text with Matt on and off. But business is business. I know Cody was out there in the media saying that an offer was made [for the All In event Sept. 1]. An offer was not made. Calling me up or texting me saying, ĎHey, if you want to come to the show and do something, we would love thatí is not an offer. Thatís not an offer. Thereís other things. Thereís a couple more loose ends that Iím still trying to tie up to fully absolve me from the world of pro wrestling. I feel like Iíve still been attached to it since the day that I left it and thatís mostly because of fugazi lawyers and such. But weíre wrapping all that up and thatíll come to an end. And once Iím truly free, we can explore the world and just float and hang out. And I can walk my dog and drink coffee and do commentary for Dave Sholler and continue to train at Roufusport. And do all kinds of stuff. Iíve earned it, Iíve paid my dues.Ē

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