Full WWE RAW spoilers for 11/5/18
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Thanks to Italo Santana for the following spoilers from RAW in Manchester, England:

- Corbin announced that at Survivor Series, there will be both men's and women's five vs five elimination matches. Also said that Stephanie is gonna adress Shane next week. Corbin annouced that he will be the captain of the men's Survivor Series match. He annouced that both Ziggler and McIntyre are in the RAW team. Braun Strowman is in the team too. Kurt challenged Corbin to a match tonight, if he wins, he becomes the Team Captain at Survivor Series. Braun chased Corbin, who ran away.

- Natalya, Sasha & Bayley vs Riott Squad is the first match of the night. Ruby Riott broke Jim Neidhart's sun glasses in front of Natalya. The match ended without a winner.

- Apollo Crews defeated Jinder Mahal.

- Seth Rollins is in the ring to do a promo. He is carrying the IC and both RAW Tag Titles. Corbin appeared on the screen, and forced Seth and Dean to defend the RAW Tag Titles vs AOP tonight. Seth is defending the Tag Titles in a handicap match, since Dean isn't there. AOP are the new RAW Tag Team Champions. They won the titles with that Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combo. Dean came from the crowd, asked Seth if he wanna know why he did it? Then gave Seth a Dirty Deeds.

Thanks to for the remaining spoilers:

- Elias interrupts Dolph Ziggler bemoaning the World Cup and says Liam and Noel Gallacher told him his song about Ziggler was so good, Oasis will reunite.

- Ziggler vs. Elias. Chants of ďstand up if you walk with EliasĒ broke out and the vast majority of the arena was on their feet. Elias beats Dolph Ziggler! A very slow-paced match culminated with Elias hitting the Drift Away for the clean win.

- Ronda Rousey is here and she is battling through some heavy, HEAVY Becky chants. She acknowledges them, gives her some props, but then says ďBecky, you might say youíre the man, but Iím the baddest bitch on the planet!Ē

- Nia Jax defeats Ember Moon and Tamina interrupts her post-match celebrations.... hit her own Samoan Drop on Moon?!? Then both ladies beat up on Moon. Looks like a heel turn for Jax and a sure-fire sign tag titles are on the horizon.

- Baron Corbin has left the building and now itís Kurt Angle Vs Drew McIntyre in the main event!

- Bobby Lashley finally gets his win back over Finn Balor after Lio Rush paid dividends (and took a heavy bump). McIntyre helped Balor to his feet after his loss, but then he hit him with the Claymore Kick! Balorís reaction from the crowd was right up there with Rollins and Elias tonight.

- Drew McIntyre with a Brock Lesnar over Hulk Hogan in 2002-like win over Kurt Angle. After an early Angle flurry, Drew dominated with a Claymore Kick, Angle Slam and he made Angle tap to his own Ankle Lock. Thatís a statement. WWE are positioning Drew in a major way.

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