Crown Jewel: DX vs. Undertaker/Kane
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 11/02/2018 at 03:17 PM

Here are the highlights from DX vs. Undertaker/Kane at WWE Crown Jewel:

- DX came out together and Undertaker/Kane had separate entrances.

- Triple H and Kane started the match. HBK tagged in and teased sweet chin music on Kane. Kane tagged out to the Undertaker. Undertaker/Kane cleared the ring and DX regrouped on the outside. Back in the ring, Undertaker hit old school on HBK.

- HBK did his kip up and got a "you still got it!" chant. HBK hit his flying elbow and went for SCM but Kane countered it into a chokeslam.

- The two fought on the outside and Kane chokeslammed Triple H throw the announce table.

- Back in the ring, Kane and Undertaker got the heat on Shawn Michaels. The crowd did a Fight Forever chant.

- HBK did a moonsault to the outside on Undertaker/Kane and Kane's mask fell off.

- Triple H got the hot tag and hit a pedigree on Undertaker. Undertaker countered into Hell's Gate. HBK hit SCM on Kane and Kane fell onto Undertaker which broke the submission.

- HBK hit SCM twice to Kane and Triple H hit the pedigree to Kane to pick up the victory. Fireworks went off for the big celebration.

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