JBL talks more about the WWE/Saudi Arabia situation
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 10/19/2018 at 02:46 PM

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, JBL talked more about WWE Crown Jewel and why he supports the idea of going through with the show:

“You look at what happens when you don’t do anything. You look at Cuba. Cuba, for over fifty years, over half a century has just impoverished an entire country because nobody wanted to deal with them. It’s mainly because to keep the vote as a swing vote in a swing state of Florida- so politically, nobody wants to mess with Cuba.”

“You look at something like Russia or you look at something like China, where you actually allow free markets to go in there and you haven’t seen the change that I think we in the western world would probably like. [They] still have a bit of a dictatorship. Some people would say more than a bit of a dictatorship, in Russia and in China, but you’re seeing change come there.”

“So I think staying away from Saudi Arabia- there’s macroeconomic reasons to not stay away from Saudi Arabia. Huge macroeconomic reasons right now in the world. But to me, as far as if you want to do something to promote change, you allow business and free markets to go in there.”

“People said I’m toying the company line. I don’t even know what the hell the company line is. I was asked a question on FOX about this, and I was also asked this morning the same thing about WWE going, in my opinion. This is only my opinion about going.”

“You have a right not to go, and I feel very confident that WWE will not insist anybody go. Certain people didn’t want to go to Iraq, and now, that’s for different reasons- they felt like their safety might be in jeopardy, but certain people didn’t want to go to Iraq and we went there so many years in a row.”

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