Interesting update about WWE's Saudi Arabia profits
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 10/18/2018 at 01:27 PM

Dave Meltzer of commented on WWE Crown Jewel and how WWE might actually only be making $2-3 million in profit for this particular event. Here is what Meltzer said courtesy of

ďItís going to be $2-3 million of profit by the end of the quarter. For $2-3 million being the profit for doing this, I mean itís not like ó you know, whatever. And granted you are risking a long-term deal that is a lot of money and in time apparently next year itís significantly more profitable.Ē

ďI donít know all the details I just saw those numbers $2-3 million and there are companies who are walking away [from way more]. I understand Vince [McMaon] because Vince doesnít live in the real world. I mean thatís the thing, Vince doesnít live in the real world. He just finds the real world an annoyance because he lives in the world he controls and this didnít happen, nobody died in his world, you know. He died in our world but not his world.Ē

ďItís an annoyance! Itís like ĎI have a deal, I can make money, whatís this real world sh*t? You know what I mean? I canít control the real world, I can only control my world. In my world I didnít do nothing wrong, so why canít I go?í Thatís probably where itís coming from.Ē

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