WWE SSD: Undertaker vs. Triple H
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 10/06/2018 at 08:20 AM

Here are the notes and results of Triple H vs. The Undertaker at WWE Super Show Down 2018...

- An NXT logo could be seen on Triple H's ring jacket.

- Undertaker had his elaborate entrance complete with fire pyro. Taker's entrance was 3:41 while the Bryan vs. Miz match was 2:25.

- Michael Cole gave a history of all the different matches that Triple H and Undertaker had over the years.

- JoJo announced that the match was now under NoDQ rules.

- Triple H attempted to do Old School on Undertaker early in the match but was unsuccessful and Undertaker hit the move on Triple H.

- The two fought on the outside and Shawn Michaels drove Undertaker into the ring post and Kane chased HBK away. HBK grabbed a table from under the ring.

- The crowd just randomly chanting "this is awesome" as Triple H worked over Undertaker.

- The two ended up brawling in the crowd and throughout the stadium.

- When they got back to ringside, Undertaker decked HBK and attacked Triple H with a steel chair.

- Kane tried to help and got hit with Sweet Chin Music by HBK. Kane was laid on the table and Triple H did an elbow off the apron through the table.

- Undertaker hit the Tombstone on Triple H but Triple H kicked out. Undertaker punched out the referee.

- Undertaker kept attacking Triple H with the chair and HBK begged him to stop. HBK got in the ring and got punched by the Undertaker again. Triple H recovered with a spinebuster.

- A new referee came in and Triple H hit the pedigree but Undertaker kicked out.

- Triple H put the chair around Undertaker's throat and then jumped off the top onto the chair. Triple H was going to win the match when Kane pulled the referee out.

- Shawn Michaels brought out the sledgehammer for Triple H. Kane handed a chair to Undertaker. Triple H won the duel with a sledgehammer shot but the referee was down.

- Undertaker got Hell's Gate on. Triple H was able to break out by choking Undertaker with the sledgehammer.

- HBK and Kane got involved again until Undertaker threw HBK over the top rope.

- Undertaker went for a tombstone but HBK hit sweet chin music. HBK went for a 2nd one but Undertaker blocked it and went for a tombstone on HBK. However, Triple H stopped it with a sledgehammer shot. HBK hit another SCM and Triple H hit the pedigree for the victory.

- After the match, HBK and Triple H hugged. Triple H then helped Undertaker up and the four of them raised hands in the ring with pyro going off.

- Just when it looked like the show was over, Undertaker and Kane attacked HBK and Triple H. Undertaker chokeslammed HBK through the announce table to close the show.

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