Rollins comments on his 2018 so far
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Seth Rollins recently did an interview with and here are some highlights...

Rollins on winning the triple threat match at WrestleMania 34: It really reignited my career. This year has been a blast for me. The people in New Orleans and the crowd and the energy in the city the entire week was a blast. It was an experience for me to for the first time really get to soak in what a WrestleMania feels like. It was cool.

Rollins on having a fulfilling year: Id say this year has been the most fulfilling of my career. I feel like Ive overcome a lot. And I feel a lot of freedom, I feel a lot of excitement, something that I hadnt had in a couple of years.

Rollins on the IC title being the workhorse title: Go all the way back to Pat Patterson, the first IC champion. Its always been known as the workhorse title; the grittier guys carry that thing. Look at guys like Edge and Chris Jericho and Mr. Perfect, Macho Man Randy Savage. These guys were quintessential IC champions. To be a part of that is cool. And not only to be a part of it, but when its all said and done, people (might) remember my IC championship reign fondly. And hopefully, Ill be in the company of those gentlemen when the next guy comes along and is asked the same question.

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