Jeff Hardy opens up about dealing with nagging injuries
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 08/19/2018 at 10:08 AM

In an interview with, Jeff Hardy opened up about dealing with nagging injuries:

ďIím 40 now and Iíve been pretty banged up lately. Four nights a week is a lot of matches ó I mean they add up. And doing that Swanton [Bomb, his finisher] every night is just rough. Iíve actually cut that out of a lot of events and Iíve just been using the Twist of Fate as a finish and itís helped my lower back out a lot. I pretty much now save the Swanton for television unless Iím feeling really good at a live event.Ē

Hardy added, ďIím a little beat up, but my back is a lot better than it was a few weeks ago. Iíve been having this issue with my elbow, like a nerve issue, and my hand was asleep for probably seven weeks and itís finally woken. But overall, I mean, Iím 40 years old, I feel pretty good to be wrestling the way I am today in 2018.Ē

ďI would definitely, before Iím done, like to be the world champion,Ē Hardy said. ďI think Iíve got what it takes. Iíve just got to stay healthy and avoid injury, thatís No. 1. And if I can do that, I think Iím good to go for a couple more title runs. Again, itís like I said Ö belief and hope and faith.Ē

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