Kane addresses his future with WWE
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 08/07/2018 at 04:01 PM

Glenn Jacobs, the newly elected mayor of Knox County, TN, did an interview with Rolling Stone and commented on his future with WWE:

"WWE is always going to be part of me and hopefully I'll always be part of it," said Kane. "I haven't ruled out making special appearances every now and then. My main priority is being mayor, of course. [My role in the WWE] does bring a lot of attention to Knox County, so that's cool. It's just a matter of making sure everything I do ó WWE or any other outside stuff ó does not impact my role as mayor."

Jacobs also discussed his political philosophy (being labeled a Libertarian) and brought up WWE:

"I think thatís what most people are, but they get so inundated with noise that they donít realize there is another option besides what you generally hear. Basically, Iím a fiscal conservative. When it comes to social issues ó do your own thing, but donít put it on other people and donít make other people approve of it. Also, donít make other people clean up your messes and expect other people to fix your life. I think thatís something that everyone can relate to. People hear ['Libertarian'], and wonder what it means. Thereís baggage associated with that. Itís not even a term I try to use that much anymore.

One thing about the WWE and fiscal conservatism is that we are independent contractors, which means that weíre not subject to withholding tax. The guys actually have to write a check out to the U.S. treasury, to the IRS. If I were ever to become president, which is not something I plan on doing, the first thing I would do would be to eliminate the withholding tax so that everyone has to write a check. From [wrestlersí] perspective, it is kind of eye-opening. A lot of our guys think, 'Gosh, how much money are they getting?' Then you start seeing some of the waste and it just drives you nuts. The money is actually in your hands and then you have to turn it over."

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