New Hogan legal drama; Ex-WWE star open to 205 Live run
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 06/30/2018 at 01:22 PM

- According to The Daily Mail, Linda Hogan is accusing ex-husband Hulk Hogan of concealing his assets and not paying her money that was agreed upon in a divorce settlement. Linda is demanding that Hogan pay her 40% of his earnings or be held in contempt of court. Linda's lawyer Raymond Rafool said the following about the situation:

"It is indeed a shame that Hulk Hogan once again will not honor the divorce agreement he made with Ms. Bollea,’ he said. Linda fulfilled and fulfills her obligations and exchanged assets and rights in return for Hulk’s compliance. Hulk Hogan’s breaches are wrong and unjust. He needs to do as he agreed and pay Linda what she is owed."

- Former WWE Superstar Shane "Hurricane" Helms noted in an interview with that he'd be open to joining the 205 Live brand:

"It would depend on the schedule for sure," Helms stated. "If they could work with that, then I'm sure there's stuff that we could talk about. Obviously, their 205 needs a boost. I could boost that for sure, but I could boost the main roster as well. I've got full confidence in what I bring to the table. But it's not like WWE needs anybody… I'm also very happy where I am right now. So if something happens with them… awesome. If it doesn't, then that final appearance at the Rumble was so d**n hot, the crowd popped so loud for me. If that was my last time there, then I'm actually super okay with that too."

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