Latest on Eli Drake/Impact; JR's advice to Big Cass
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- According to Dave Meltzer of, Eli Drake currently isnít booked for the Slammiversary PPV because he hasnít made a commitment to stay. Drake did work last weekendís TV tapings in Windsor, Ontario and is still in talks about staying with the company. WWE reportedly still has interest in Drake.

- During his recent podcast, Jim Ross offered some advice to Big Cass. Here is what JR said courtesy of

ďWhat this kid has gotta do in my opinion is continue to be aggressive. I donít need a seven-footer thatís a finesse guy, a style guy. I need physicality. And he also needs to work on his delivery. Thatís Ďout-of-the-ringí practice in your car, in your home, in front of a mirror, wherever you are to make sure that you see what youíre saying, see your face when you see these things. And I think he needs to work on promo sounding a little bit more organic and not memorized. And sometimes because you have to memorize them, by in large, itís hard to not sound memorized, so you donít want it to sound like a script, by the way. But I tell ya, being seven feet tall is an asset for him. Heís got a great look, I have confidence heís going to become a star, but heís gotta fill some holes in his game and thatís a daily effort. A daily plan and I donít know the kid well enough to know what that daily plan is or what theyíre doing with him behind the scenes to work on some of these issues, but again you canít teach that. Heís seven feet tall, young, a good looking kid.Ē

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