CM Punk has a message for his critics and doubters
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CM Punk recently did an interview with John Morgan of and here are a few highlights...

The lawsuit being a distraction:

ďA very broad answer, is it didnít (distract me),Ē Punk told MMAjunkie. ďI knew it was coming, and they delayed it as long as possible, because I think they knew (I had a fight scheduled). I think the general consensus is, ĎWow, this is really going to mess with him.í Iím a different breed, though. I was planning for it. and we worked around it, and all the hard work was done anyway, so easy-peasy. Ö It feels like more than a load off my shoulders. It still hasnít sunk in, and it probably wonít for a while, but Iím happy itís over.Ē

His first fight:

ďReassessing everything now, being able to step back, I think I was too chill,Ē Punk said. ďI think I was too relaxed. I was just waiting for the super-anxiety and the nerves to kick in. It didnít ever really happen. Obviously the first big, ĎOh, (expletive)í moment is, ĎHeís got my hips. Ay, ay, ay. Iím in trouble.í I donít know either way if that affected me, and I canít say if that was good or bad. Itís something Iíve never done before, so I have that under my belt now. I do believe the experience of the one time, even though it was a loss, I think itís going to help.Ē

His critics:

ďI could give a (expletive) if they watch or not,Ē Punk said. ďDonít watch. If you bought the Kiss album that came out before they took their makeup off and they donít like it, donít buy the (expletive) album where they take their makeup off. Itís a gimmick. Donít watch. But youíre still going to go complain about it on Twitter. Itís none of my business what you think of me. I donít care. I think peopleís perception of me is that I have a huge (ego). I really donít think I do. You called me a superstar, and I donít view myself through that lens at all. At all. I get it. I did some stuff. Whatever. But when it comes to all the stuff that maybe MMA fans think matter, being on the pay-per-view, being on the poster Ė Iím like, whatever. If I can fight earlier, Iíd like to fight earlier because I try not to train at 9 oíclock at night, and Iíd be showered and elbow deep in a pizza and a pint of ice cream before yíall get in the building. So why are yíall mad?Ē

Check out the interview below:

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