Impact Wrestling spoilers from 6/2/18 tapings
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 06/03/2018 at 09:49 AM

Thanks to Himanshu D for the following Impact Wrestling spoilers from the 6/2 tapings in Windsor, Ontario:

Show starts off with Sydal v. Xavier. Good match. If I recall correctly, Kongo runs in followed by Cage. Kongo gets the upper hand and they leave.

Fenix and Swann have an AMAZING match. OVE run in and attack Fenix after. Pentagon Jr. with the save. They run OVE out of the ring, only for Pentagon to attack Fenix and unmask himself as Sami Callahan. What a sick SOB. The real Pentagon Jr. then hits the ring and Fenix, Swann and Pentagon Jr. stand tall.

Later in the night (assuming next week or the main event of that weeks show) is a six-man tornado tag match between the two. It was amazing. Sami wins with a pin on Swann.

Cage and Kongo had an insane match. Ive never seen a big man have a match like that. Im 100% watching it on TV after how good it was. Im still shocked. Cage hit a SUPERPLEX on Kongo along with some crazy other stuff. Crowd was insane all night.

Allie v. Shotzi Blackhart Tessa interferes.

Tessa and Shotzi v. Kiera Hogan and Allie, Allie and Kiera win after Tessa walks out on Shotzi.

LAX comes out with Konnan, Konnan tells Eddie Kingston (Now going by King) that he knows King put the hit out on him. King said it was him. Ortiz and Santana both side with Konnan and start beating down King. Homicide and Hernandez hit the ring and attack Konnan, Ortiz and Santana. No Border Toss from Hernandez. I love me some Border Toss.

(What I assume to be next week) Homicide and Hernandez w/ King beat two local guys easily. They come out with new music and are going by the OGz. Hernandez hit a big border toss on one of the jabronis.

Eli Drake lost via rollup to Joe Hendry. Hendry again came out with Grado and Katarina. After the match, Hendry and Katarina are hugging and dancing and Grado looked somewhat left out. Seems like theyre playing the story of Hendry/Katarina getting close. Pre-match Hendry showed a funny video and Drake attacked him to start the match. Pretty good stuff.

After the show, Moose and A1 beat Austin Aries and Phil Atlas. Moose thanked the crowd and brought out Grado for his birthday. Grado came out to Madonna and it was a great sendoff.

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